Good Driver Discounts

Average Discount: 10% - 35%

While each company offers its own unique version, almost every carrier rewards good driving. If you have a good driving record, chances are you can save on your auto insurance with a good driver discount. Avoiding accidents and having minimal traffic violations may mean lower insurance premiums and significant savings on your monthly costs.

Common Standards for Good Driver Discounts

The qualifications for good driver discounts will vary between car insurance providers, but most look at:

  • Recent at-fault accidents.
  • Driving record including moving violations like speeding or DUI/DWI.
  • Frequency of vehicle claims and accidents.

Monitoring Your Driving Habits.

Recently, providers have offered customers a way for even more savings by monitoring daily driving habits. By placing a small device on your car, insurance providers can gather data on how quickly you accelerate and brake, how far you tend to travel and whether you drive late at night. If you meet the right criteria, you may see additional savings on your monthly costs.

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